About me

I’m a writer and reporter based in Brooklyn, NY. I specialize in niche areas of business and legal issues, helping readers make sense of trends and stay abreast of the news most relevant to them. My recent work has focused on private equity investing, with a particular focused on limited partners, and on legal reporting, particularly government contracts law and federal spending.

In private equity, I help track where the money is flowing, which strategies are popular, and the strategic evolution of the largest limited partners in the market, especially public employee pensions. I’ve also reported on public pensions’ other investment strategies, including their leveraging of their financial weight to pursue goals like corporate diversity, climate change mitigation, and fairer executive pay practices.

I’ve gone in depth on evolving federal acquisition regulations, NASA’s efforts to spur commercial space flight, legal battles over major weapons acquisitions, and the government’s efforts to shore up cybersecurity for federal agencies and contractors.

But I don’t just cover PE and government contracts – since 2016, I’ve been freelancing on topics including wine, health law, and politics.

Check out the links to the left for examples my work.

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