CalPERS blocks gun divestment proposal

The $335bn California Public Employees Retirement System rejected a proposal to begin divestment from retailers and wholesalers of firearms that are illegal in California but legal in other states.

The proposal, from California State Treasurer and CalPERS board member John Chiang, would have gone a step further than CalPERS’ previous divestment from manufacturers of military-style assault weapons. Many public commenters, including victims of mass shootings in San Bernardino and Las Vegas, spoke in support of the measure, and some opposed it.

Board members debated whether divestment was a more effective tactic than engagement with retailers and wholesalers, some of whom have already made moves to remove such weapons from their stores. Board member Theresa Taylor said she wasn’t sure if divestment was the best option, and said she’d prefer to stick the planned schedule rather than voting in April.

“We have a divestment policy that states that we generally don’t divest,” Taylor said. “If we are divesting, we lose our seat at the table. We wouldn’t have been able to get Dick’s or Walmart or the other companies to engage with us if we no longer own those stocks.”

Read the full story: CalPERS blocks gun divestment proposal

Published by Money Management Report/ Pageant Media.

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